For your company, having an online presence is now crucial—not just beneficial and significant. It may be the customer's first point of contact with your business or organisation, therefore it's critical to project a professional image that is consistent with the brand. With the target audience, this will immediately forge a bond of confidence and support.

There are typically two options accessible to you when thinking about building a new website: buy a pre-built template or hire a developer to create one specifically for your company's requirements. What are the two's distinctions, and more importantly, which choice is best for your company?

Template websites

A "template" website is a pre-made, generic website that can be purchased by anyone. The owner has a selection of pre-designed themes to choose from, may change the colour scheme, and can add logos and graphics. You can accomplish this by either giving the template developer your content to edit or by using an integrated Content Management System (CMS). These ready-made websites are typically not particularly adaptable, and the owner is constrained by the template's restrictions.

Due to their pre-built nature and ease of setup, template websites are sometimes inexpensive to buy. However, employing a template website comes with a lot of disadvantages. It can be challenging to apply your brand's and identity consistently because customization options are frequently relatively limited. The navigation and layout's functioning could not be appropriate for the site's goals and could detract from the user experience as a whole.

A common issue with template websites is that they are built with fairly terrible and out-of-date code. This has a negative impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it makes finding and indexing keywords more difficult. It also has an impact on browser compatibility and increases the time it takes for the page to load, which can be very frustrating for the end user.

Bespoke websites

A bespoke website is designed and built by experienced professionals and is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Designers and developers will analyse your needs, interpret your brief, and collaborate with you at every stage to create a design that is unique to you. This also allows the company's identity to be consistent throughout the site, ensuring a positive user experience.

From design to functionality, you will have complete control over your online presence. Bespoke websites are created with the most recent W3C HTML and CSS coding standards. The developer will spend time ensuring that the website works with various browsers and that the design looks good in a variety of formats, including mobile and tablet devices. A company that is creating a custom website for you should be available to make changes or assist you if there are any technical issues.

You can also grow and develop a bespoke website with your company so that future site expansion and changes can be implemented as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

A bespoke website is more expensive and takes longer to implement than a template website. A bespoke web design company, on the other hand, gives you access to a wealth of experience, advice, and information to help you ensure that your online presence does what you need it to. This is part of what you get when you pay a little more for a responsive site.


While template websites are inexpensive and useful for quickly establishing an online presence for your company, it is worth investing in a custom website in the long run to ensure quality, usability, and a professional image. Finally, you truly get what you pay for.