Since Google is the most popular search engine right now, they also have a significant amount of control over what is seen, which content is easily digested, and by whom. Google has always been about protecting people's online experiences as much as possible. Thus, in July 2018, they are taking things a step further by providing significant benefits to websites that are already HTTPS-secured.

In other words, this secure protocol keeps user and browser data private and inaccessible to outside parties. If you continue to operate a website without this protocol starting in July, Google Chrome will not only flag it as "unsecure," but it will also cause you to appear lower in search results when accessed through its browser, even if you have already set up SEO.

About half of the internet is reportedly fascinated with Google Chrome, so this is a sizeable market that you really can't afford to ignore. Additionally, it has been reported that Chrome users would only see search results from websites that have earned an HTTPS certification. This means that if your website is not secure by July 2018, fewer and fewer people using the standalone browser will see it.

Because of this, it makes sense to ensure that your website is fully configured to use the HTTPS protocol, especially because it might lose some of your visitors! Allow us to assist you. We'll work with you to create and develop a website that not only looks fantastic and draws visitors often, but also provides safe browsing and guaranteed security with each and every visit.