Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving website visibility on the search engine result page through an organic [natural or un-paid] in a major search engine by implementing friendly search engine elements in the website.

Search engine optimization divide in two parts: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers to website elements which include such as HTML code, Textual content, Meta tags, W3 Validation, Heading Tags, Content optimization, Keyword prominence or proximity and Alt text Images. Off-page optimization refers to build quality backlinks from the relevant sources as per google webmaster guidelines that provide you are stronger in search result page with your niche keyword as compare to your competitor’s website.

Seo Services are offered by the Markup Solution:

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing: SEO and SEM is form of internet marketing that involves increasing website visibility in search engine results pages through Free and Paid Marketing. Our seo experts provide both services to improve the visibility of web pages through Free and Paid Marketing such as Google Adwords paid marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or masses attention through various social media sites. Our experts use rich content and shares on social networking sites, video sharing and similar tools for achieving the goals of the clients.

SEO Friendly Web Design & Development: The teams of the expert’s designer and developer including the SEO full understand clients goal and design seo friendly website.

SEO Link Building Services: Link Building tactics is used by the SEO expert at Markup Solution for improving the visibility of the entire website and webpage on the major search engine optimization.
There are many benefits involved in hiring SEO experts from us.

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