Using a drag-and-drop website builder with a template may be quite advantageous for both people and organisations who are on a tight budget. This approach does, however, have some disadvantages.

It may be time to switch to a bespoke web design and hosting solution if you realise that you are lacking functionality or simply require more than what a website builder and template can provide. We'll look at a few advantages of bespoke custom web design in this blog.

Designed for your brand:

The main advantage of spending money on a custom-designed website is that it is created with your brand or business in mind from the very beginning. You'll be in total control, giving you and your web developers the freedom to design something genuinely exceptional and original.

Websites offer you the same opportunity to demonstrate your distinctive product or service and the personality of your business as physical structures do.

Your website will have a totally distinct appearance because your design will be specifically suited to and created for your business. However, if you select a site template, your website will resemble numerous others and won't be able to provide your customers with the distinctive, unique experience they desire.

Strong emphasis on client experience

Custom web design will allow companies the opportunity to have a far better focus on the experience of their customers when compared to a website created utilising a template.

Before beginning the project, web developers and designers will meet down with you to learn more about your objectives and your professional objectives. You'll take into account the path taken by the average customer from the time they discover your website to the time they convert.

A really customer-centric design will eventually make it simpler for visitors to traverse your website, increasing the likelihood that they will perform the actions that lead to the desired result, such as making a purchase, submitting an enquiry, or scheduling an appointment, to mention a few.

Improving Search Engine Optimisation

Website templates typically have limitations on how the site and its content can be managed. This implies that managing elements like metadata, page URLs, alt tags, and more can be challenging and have a detrimental effect on the SEO of your website (search engine optimisation).

By spending money on custom web design, SEO best practises can be incorporated right away, improving your site's long-term ranking.

It's easier to update and add new features.

If you have a bespoke design instead of using a web template, it is much simpler to make modifications and speed up the growth of your website.

Web designers will build a strong web architecture from the start, and as you go along, they will be able to add new features or content with ease as your company or brand expands.

With websites that employ templates, this type of continuing development is frequently far more difficult because you rarely have access to the site's source code, and even if you did, doing it yourself could lead to errors.

Since this solely depends on how active the developer team behind the template is, the templates themselves might not even be updated as frequently as you would like for minor bug repairs and enhancements. By choosing a bespoke web design and working with a trustworthy web developer who will be able to stay on top of their own code and stay ahead of significant technical upgrades and updates, this issue may be easily avoided.

Enhanced hosting flexibility

When it comes to how your website is hosted and the infrastructure supporting it, choosing a custom-designed website can frequently allow you far better freedom.

Choosing a custom design will frequently allow you to scale your hosting as necessary, allowing your website to adequately serve a growing user base. This can directly affect your server's performance and help you avoid downtime.

Your developers might also be able to build up a staging site where new features can be tested and any kinks can be worked out before going live if you want the chance to do so.

These are only a few of the many advantages of using a customer-designed website. If you're interested, why not get in touch with our creative web design team to begin creating your very own custom web design template? Make sure to look into the team's other services to see how else they might be of use.