The resources listed below can be used by anyone who wants to learn more about how their website is performing, not just top-tier web development businesses. Following that, we'll go over seven of the best website tools you can utilize, all of which are beneficial regardless of the market or industry you're in:

Certificates for SSL

You may have seen a https:// prefix at the top of your search box, just before the specific address. The website you're visiting has a current and valid SSL certificate if this is indicated with a padlock. This certificate essentially acts as an authentication method that identifies a website as "safe." Operating a website in 2022 without an SSL certificate puts you at a significant disadvantage. In order to warn users who are going to visit your site that it may be dangerous, Google now flags up sites without an SSL certificate.

You'll probably lose ground on the results page if you don't have an SSL certificate because SSL certificates are now themselves a Google ranking criteria. As a result of all of this, you'll lose traffic, sales, and credibility if you don't have an SSL certificate.

Using Google Analytics

For any business trying to get more involved with their marketing efforts, whether it be through affiliate marketing, email campaigns, etc., Google Analytics is a necessity. The good news is that this skill is no longer exclusive to specialized web development businesses in the UK. The capacity to track campaigns and truly analyze their performance in real-time is a true godsend.

You can effectively assess the performance of your entire website by measuring daily traffic along with its source, session length, bounce-rate, and other factors. Your newfound knowledge will help you decide how to allocate your marketing dollars.


A free tool that efficiently removes spam bots from your inquiry forms by asking them to check a box or confirm the people in a series of photographs. Long-term time savings are tremendously increased by whatever efforts you make to keep the bots away from your genuine inquiries and block them. So use reCAPTCHA to keep your email uncluttered this year!


A heat map tool called Hotjar can help you increase conversion rates. Hotjar will let you know where you're underperforming, where you could benefit from implementing new call-to-actions, and which are the potential pages where customers are not being sufficiently engaged by your content and are then dropping-off. Hotjar has the ability to carefully scrutinize your site and determine how and where visitors are interacting with your website. With the knowledge you have now, you can approach a reputable UK web development business and ask them to implement content adjustments that will impact how customers behave.


To see what SEMRush is actually capable of, you can download a free trial version. You can use this tool to find out how well your SEO is working for your Google ranking. It has tools for keyword planning that will help you decide which keywords would improve the performance of your website.

Broken links, missing or erroneous meta data, and other problems will also be highlighted by SEMRush along with the places where you could be having trouble. You can use it to rank your keywords and analyze your competitors. In essence, this tool will provide you with a top-down assessment of your overall SEO performance. As you are aware, SEO is a significant part of web development in the UK.

My Business on Google

You can enter information about your company and its services using a free SEO tool. All of your evaluations can be gathered by Google My Business and put together in one location, which you can link to from your website. It significantly aids in establishing credibility and trust with possible new clients.

It can take some time to update and optimize your page, but keep in mind that your competitors are probably making an effort, so you really can't afford to fall behind them with something that's so easy to do.

Using PageSpeed Insights

Potential clients will lose interest and prefer one of your competitors who is providing a better level of user experience if your website takes too long to load. Google PageSpeed Insights is a terrific, simple-to-use tool that displays your site's speed performance across a variety of devices, providing you an estimate of how long it will take for each device to load your site in seconds. Additionally, it will provide you with practical advice for enhancing the speed of your website. A quicker site improves SEO, conversation rates, generates more leads, and offers a better user experience, increasing your chances of receiving positive feedback and repeat business.