YouTube is making it simpler for content creators to market their work and is currently beta-testing the new tool with a small user base.

Since Google Ads Manager no longer exists, YouTube has launched a Promotions Tab that allows artists to advertise their channels and videos directly.

Instead than using the standard Google Advertising Manager method, the new Promotions Tab in YouTube Studio makes buying ads easier. If authors have access to the new feature, they can discover the tab on the Content Page of Studio's Promotions section.

What's on YouTube. The new Promotions Tab, according to YouTube, will enable many more channel managers to run fast promotions for their content.

"We are experimenting with a new Promotions tab within YouTube Studio that will make buying ads easier for creators.  We've heard that creators want more tools to help grow their channel and reach a wider audience, so we are testing a simpler end-to-end workflow in Studio instead of through Google Ads. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll see a new “Promotions” tab in the Content page of Studio. We're testing this out with a limited number of creators on desktop."

Read the announcement. You can read the announcement from YouTube here.

Why We Care: With the help of the new tool, marketers and channel producers can expand their channels without having to deal with Google Ads. But it's also a means for YouTube to increase ad sales. The ability to execute channel or video promotions through a challenging platform like Google Ads is now more accessible to channel creators who previously lacked the necessary skills. However, brand-new producers should proceed with caution, become familiar with Google Ads best practises, and test their Promotions with a modest budget before expanding them.