It's difficult to find a service provider or merchant who doesn't recognise the critical function search engines play in generating and maintaining business.

But do we place too much emphasis on properly optimising the content and keywords that are already present on our web pages? Are we over analysing the process of developing webpages that will appeal to Google's advanced algorithms?

Are we relying too heavily on the most popular website on the Internet?

There is no disputing that one of the best methods to increase your brand's visibility is to show up on the first page of Google search results for relevant keywords in your niche; more than 3.5 billion searches are made on the site every day. However, there are more strategies your marketing team can use to boost website traffic and online visibility.

Leave a Purposeful Trail That Leads Back to Your Brand

You'll see from the example above that our goal is not to create a backdoor to your website. This strategy aims to increase customer and potential client click-through rates by utilising a variety of channels for communication and information distribution throughout your entire online virtual space.

The most crucial component of this strategy is that you identify the niche or niches that are crucial to your brand and operate inside those environments. This strategy is intended to steer potential customers away from search engines and onto a path that leads them into your inbound marketing infrastructure.

Influencers Make It Easier for Your Audience to Find You

By conversing with others in the same field, you can quickly produce content because the subjects are already well-known and within the expertise of your content producers. Along with that, they already have a following.

Your traffic will then start to be generated by searches for that person's brand or service if you build compelling content around their work and connect to both their social media platforms and your own. Readers will be interested in your company as a result of seeing that you are supporting a cause that they share.

It's appropriate to share your links to and content about people in your niche with them as a way of fostering synergy, and to request that they do the same for their audiences by linking to your content. This turns into a win-win situation for both sides because by promoting well-known community voices in your own specialty, you have achieved what they have by sharing material about themselves with their followers on other platforms.

Online Visibility Using A Social Media Profile And A Well-Designed Signature

You've probably been sending 20% to 65% more marketing emails than you did in the first quarter of 2020 if, like every other business owner right now, you're struggling to boost sales and bounce back from the COVID-19 outbreak's first slump. Each of those emails offers you the ability to increase brand recognition while directing the recipient to your inbound marketing tool with a compellingly designed signature and embedded call-to-action.

Along with responding to more customer concerns, you're probably posting frequently on social media networks. Visitors have the opportunity to click on your profile to find out more about you with every single post or private message that you make. Including a focused call-to-action and a specific link in your social media profile is a free way to increase traffic without using keywords or search engines. Social media visibility might be just as crucial for some companies as SERP visibility.

Marketing through videos

Although video is a very effective traffic and brand engagement driver, how can you use video without relying on a search engine?

Making your own YouTube channel and starting to produce high-quality videos of product evaluations, customer education materials, and other content that increases your credibility is the first step in this dance. The relevant call-to-action directing viewers back to the right landing sites should be included in each video description. It's time to make sure your audience is aware of the bait's presence after you've created the groundwork and laid the bait.

How can you attract people from all around the world? You go to the influencers in your industry and niche where they are already viewing videos.

Work up a contract with the most watched and well-known video content producers whose audience overlaps with your target demographic to have them promote your goods or services in their own films.

Using Guest Posts To Make A Difference

One of the most effective sources of online traffic is well-written, educational blog content that provides solutions to customer problems. Hosting guest posts and offering to guest post on other websites is a highly effective way to increase traffic, much as the tactics mentioned above that rely on interviews and video material to do so.

To be clear, both you and your guest poster must adhere to accepted search engine optimization best practises. The key, though, is that you're counting on backlinks and sharing of the posts across social media and within personal networks to produce inbound site traffic to relevant landing pages rather than depending on search engines to find the well-written material.