Your exposure in Google's SERPs will increase if you optimise your title tags. However, there are no character restrictions. This is why.

Among the most crucial SEO components is the title tag. It might significantly affect how you rank. According to my observations, improving title tags can significantly improve ranks.

There are numerous approaches to title tag optimization.

The first is making sure they stay within the allotted 55–60 characters. Nevertheless, some SEO experts advise having title tags that are up to 70 characters long.

There are also worries that having Google rewrite the title or shorten it in search results could harm organic performance.

We'll examine the reasons behind these worries, Google's official position on title length, and my observations after hand inspecting 645 title tags on Page 1 of Google's SERPs in this piece.

The modified title tag and its effects

Google released an upgrade in August 2021 that focused on title tags. With this development, Google is now able to display a title to consumers in SERPs that differs from the one found in the HTML title tag.

In SERPs, HTML title tags might be altered if they're:

Too long.
Stuffed with keywords.
Missing or containing repetitive boilerplate language.