Google said that it will no longer support the Google Search Console's foreign targeting report. Google wrote, “The International Targeting report has been deprecated, and will be removed from Search Console soon.”

The report will go away on September 22, 2022.

The announcement. Here is the announcement:



What was the targeted study's global scope. Google's International Targeting report, which was introduced in 2014, can be used to check for hreflang problems or to determine which nation should appear higher in search results. 

The sections of this document were as follows:

In the Language area, keep an eye out for hreflang tag usage mistakes on your website. Set a site-wide country target for your entire site in the "Country" box, if desired.

Future international assistance. Google has stated that they will continue to support hreflang and adhere to its management guidelines for multilingual and multiregional websites. More information on those suggestions can be found here.

Why we care. You will now need to make the appropriate changes to your SEO procedures if you rely on this report for your foreign SEO efforts.